6 Ways In Which Medical Marijuana Is Being Used Against PTSD

Cannabis has globally being recognized as a coping drug. People suffering from mental disorders
such as anxiety, stress, and PTSD have found great relief with marijuana. Several studies
indicate that marijuana can help the patient cope with life events and deal with their disorder
with much effectiveness.

Cannabis is also known to be a natural herb without any harmful side effects to the user. More
and more medical experts are suggesting the use of cannabis for the treatment of various
ailments, whether psychological or physical.

Understanding PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD occurs after an individual experience an extremely
disturbing life situation or goes through a violent event. For example, he/ she would have gone
through a sexual assault, experienced a natural disaster or been in military combat etc. Despite a
wide characterization, the major symptoms are categorized under three areas- re-experiencing,
avoiding the memories and heightened arousal. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder.

Canada reports the highest number of cases of PTSD. According to the researches published in
the British Journal of Psychiatry, around 9.2% of Canadians have experiences PTSD at some
point in their life.

Understanding the symptoms of PTSD

1. The patient re-experiences the trauma, which characterized with graphic nightmares and
2. The patient avoids things, places, other associations which might remind him/her of the
3. The patient would suffer from issues related to focusing and sleeping, leading a normal
life. He/she may also report sudden mood swings.

Using conventional methods to treat PTSD

Generally, the treatment plan for PTSD involves the use of SSRIs or serotonin reuptake
inhibitors. On administration, SSRI’s increase the level of serotonin, a chemical which helps in
the regulation of mood, in the brain.

A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to understand the effectiveness of
SSRIs, and it was found that it merely works as a placebo.

Moreover, conventional drugs also cause harmful side effects in the user. Antidepressants and
antipsychotics can really mess up with the normal working mechanisms of the user. Countless
people have reported the inability to wake up in the morning and falling asleep in chairs during
the day. Leading a normal life becomes challenging.

Using cannabis to treat PTSD

Several types of research have been conducted and published to prove the effectiveness of
cannabis on PTSD. One such study has been published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol
Dependence, which indicates a link between cannabis use and PTSD levels.

With further studies being conducted, people are beginning to recognize more about this relation.
The next step for researchers is to find out whether marijuana has the potential to alleviate or
cure the symptoms of PTSD. Different varieties of strains, seeds such as outdoor autoflowering
seeds, CBD oil are used in medical practices.

People suffering from PTSD report lower anandamide levels. This is an endogenous cannabinoid
compound. Anandamide activates the same receptors which would be triggered by THC and
other chemicals of cannabis.

When a person suffers from PTSD, their body ceases to produce sufficient endocannabinoids
which will receptor sources. The cannabinoids present in cannabis can play a therapeutic role

here. Using cannabis in such situation means to provide the missing endocannabinoids with the
ones present in cannabis. Cannabis-infused drugs can aid patients to find relief from their
traumatic memories.

It has been found that CB-1 receptors signalling can deactivate traumatic memories and help the
patient forget them. Inconsistent CB-1 signalling caused the deficiency of endocannabinoid can
cause chronic anxiety, callous memory and other symptoms of PTSD.

Due to the gaining popularity of medical cannabis, an increasing number of patients are seeking
to use it for their treatment. Despite the fact that it is still too early to make conclusive
statements, it has been found that cannabis does have the ability to be effective in treating PTSD


REM or rapid eye movement sleep is the stage of sleep in which the most lucid dreams may
occur. Cannabis has the potential to reduce REM sleep. Thus, cannabis like nuken strain does
have the potential to alleviate the nightmares which occur due to PTSD.

A study conducted and published in CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics have found that
synthetic cannabinoids are helpful in treating such nightmares. This study calls for further
researches to be conducted.


Several people suffering from PTSD also go through insomnia. Studies suggest that THC or
tetrahydrocannabinol can deal with the most powerful symptoms to overcome insomnia-
decrease sleep latency and thereby enhance sleep quality.


CBD or cannabidiol is widely used to reduce

CBD or cannabidiol is widely used to reduce anxiety in patients. Anxiety, one of the most
chronic symptoms of PTSD, prevents the patient from leading a normal and healthy life. CBD is
effective in enhancing mood, reducing stress and dealing with fight feelings. Strains such as
white widow have relaxing effects.

Both THC and CBD dominant oils offer great healing benefits for people suffering from PTSD.
Cannabis offers an effective and safe treatment for almost every ailment today. Even though
medical marijuana is easily available at an online dispensary, PTSD patients should consult a
medical expert to begin their cannabis treatment to treat PTSD. Users who are novel to its use
may experience that THC increases their anxiety levels. CBD, on the other hand, balances a few
of effects of THC such as anxiety and even paranoia. Do thorough research for sufficient

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