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7 Ways to Use Hydroponic Growing Systems for Marijuana - Cannabis Avenue

7 Ways to Use Hydroponic Growing Systems for Marijuana

Growing weed may seem complicated and hard at first, but with the right guidance, you are sure to get the best yields in terms of quality and quantity. Also, growing your weed can provide some level of satisfaction. It’s the same way you get some pride from tending your vegetables in your kitchen garden.

What is hydroponic growing?

It refers to a method of growing plants in mediums other than nutrient-rich soil. This growth is mainly in nutrient-water solution and an inert growing medium. Using a hydroponics method offers some advantages as compared to using soil indoors. These advantages include; you get to control the nutrients reaching the plants and the pH levels. Also, your plants are less likely to experience pest problems. Having these factors under your control enlarges the size of your buds, and they also become healthier.

1. Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

It ranks as the most common hydroponic system. It is due to its simplicity, both in structure and usage. Besides, plants grown via the ebb and flow method tend to flower quicker as compared to other methods. Using a strain such as Pink Kush which is an Indica-dominant strain, guarantees rapid growth rates. For the ebb and flow system, you grow different types of Marijuana plants then wait for it to develop its set of roots and stem naturally. Note that the roots develop via the medium and into the nutrient solution. A basic system contains pots that contain a medium for growing individual plants. The growing medium for such plants is mostly in Rockwool cubes, and it is set on a table known as the growing bed.
Usually, the growing bed holds about two inches of solution. This solution is pumped into the growing bed, flooding it from the bottom up and eliminating oxygen. Once this liquid reaches its highest level, it fills a drain pipe. Additionally, this system contains a timer whose role is to activate the pump. It floods the plants and drains the solution.
It is essential to be cautious when operating this system as an undetected minor failure in the pump may result in the death of plants within a short duration.

2. Aeroponics

It is a unique way of growing Marijuana. This system does not make use of any growing medium. Instead, it disperses misted water through the air to optimize hydration and aeration. The roots hang in mid-air in a chamber which should be very humid. This chamber should also contain water. The chamber should be both lightproof and waterproof, thus maintaining humidity within. Under this water is a pump or sprinkler which sprays a fine mist of solution to the root systems. This mist soaks the roots and allows them to absorb the nutrients as well as keep them oxygenated.
Aeroponics allows plants to grow much faster as compared to soil. Additionally, they also save on water and also keep the plants highly oxygenated. This system has a disadvantage; it is quite expensive to set it up.

3. Deep Water Culture

‘The bubbler’ as commonly known in the streets is a classic but straightforward hydroponics system. This method is both comfortable and productive. Place the plants in buckets full of nutrient solution and completely submerge them. The presence of an air pump in the water tank ensures that the plants remain oxygenated. Also, this pump ensures water does not remain stagnant at the roots as this may cause rotting of the roots. The DWC is an ideal system for beginners as it is not only easy to assemble but also cheap.

4. Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation, also known as the Drip system, is an excellent way to save both water and nutrients. Place individual drippers in the growth medium of every plant. The water reaches the plant from above. The dripper drops small droplets of the nutrient solution to the plants and the unabsorbed excess drains into the reservoir. The drip system allows the cycling of the nutrient solution, just like in the Ebb and Flow system. When using this system, expose the roots to air so that the excess water drips back into the external tank.

5. Nutrient-Film Technique

It is an all-in-one package hydroponics system. It involves placing the plants on an inclined surface. Ensure that the pumping of water reaches the top end and filters back to the water tank through the exit on the other end. The roots descend into the tube, exposing them to flowing nutrient solution. This system is useful as it is easy to expand. You can extend you’re growing by either adding more holes to the existing planting tube or more tubes.

6. Wick system

This is also a basic system as it uses a growing tray filled with clay pebbles. Under the tray, lies a tank of water. It is from this tank that several wicks or ropes exit and enter into the growing medium. The rope or wicks absorb the nutrients solution and get to the growing tray. An advantage of this system is that it does not require a water pump.

7. Run-to-waste system

This involves connecting the pots through a drain at the bottom to a pipe and a drainage system. A tank and a pump supply water to the plants together with nutrients frequently as a timer comes in handy. A small hose at the bottom of each stem waters the plants as needed. While using this system, be observant of the plants’ roots so that they do not clog the hole near the drain, which may lead to flooding.


Whichever hydroponic system you pick, keep in mind that roots require plenty of oxygen to thrive. Deprivation of oxygen leads to the eventual death of these plants. Secondly, ensure the plants are well spaced to ensure that the roots do not intertwine. Thirdly, ensure you have adequate lighting for the plants as low light may lead to stunted growth in your plants. Also, maintain the right water temperature i.e., the ideal temperature for the absorption of nutrients to take place. Finally, ensure the water circulating is at a neutral level. All these tips are useful, but without the right quality of seeds, you will get devastating results. Purchase the best marijuana seeds at high supplies. All the best as you partake in the journey of growing hydroponic Marijuana.


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