Platinum Kush (Indica)



TYPE: Indica

THC: 18%-22% CBD: .54%

APPEARANCE: God’s Gift is as the name would entail a very beautiful strain. It has an abundance of radiant orange hairs and beautiful purple buds.

SMELL: Fruity and piney.

TASTE: Platinum Kush has a great grape and citrus taste, with a nice piney aftertaste.

BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, Stress and Insomnia.

CREATED FEELINGS:Platinum Kush is a great well balanced and relaxing high. You will feel a little head rush, but will also be graced with a relaxing body high.

DURATION: The high ranges from 1.5 to 3 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: OG Kush, Irene Kush and Afghan Kush.


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Buy Platinum Kush Online worldwide shipping,  the sedating high from this Indica is perfect for a night of anxiety-free relaxation. Platinum Kush gets its name from its frosty appearance, a result of the dense trichomes that grow on the bud. THC levels vary but are usually in the 16%-18% range. That makes this a moderately strong choice, though poor growing can lead to very low THC levels. An Indica, Platinum Kush has more CBD than most strains available in America. This chemical is used to treat severe seizures and other conditions. The combination of THC and CBD makes this a good strain for anxiety, depression, and pain, as the body high is deeply relaxing.

This strain has a sweet, pungent smell reminiscent of fruit and a sweet, earthy taste. Platinum Kush, aka Platinum OG Kush and Platinum OG, is probably the result of crossbreeding between Master Kush and an original Afghani strain. Platinum Kush produces a mellow, easy feeling; the high doesn’t last very long, but it’s usually enough to put an insomniac to sleep. Order Platinum Kush Online

Although the genetics are vague and unconfirmed from the source, it is believed that the Platinum OG strain stems from the combination of Master Kush, OG Kush, and an unknown third strain — some believe the Purps strain. Nonetheless, this is a cannabis strain you will want to try.

This genetic mix-up (mostly strains of Kush origin) makes the Platinum OG strain ridiculously heavy and usually boasts lab-test results with THC levels over 20%. However, because Master Kush has some Skunk #1 in its genetics, it would be incorrect to classify the Platinum OG Strain as a 100% Indica strain when we know there is some Sativa hidden deep in its lineage. This is a good thing because it helps provide a calm spaciness/fogginess of the mind, that really helps manage and end migraines.

Any pent-up stress or feeling of anxiety seems to wash away within 30 minutes of using the Platinum OG medical marijuana strain and is followed by a deep wave of psychological relief that begins in the mind and ends with you laying down somewhere comfortable. The Indica in its genetics and high THC percentage makes Platinum OG a good strain for boosting appetite, as well as easing upset stomachs.

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