Sensi Star (Indica)


Type: Sativa Hybrid
Strength: 8 out of 10
High: Cerebral, Uplifting, and Euphoric
Taste: Smooth, Fruity, Nutty

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Sensi Star Physical Attributes

Buy Sensi Star Marijuana online, Sensi Star comes in cone-shaped nuggets. The colors for the Sensi Star brand are typically light green, like grass, but also have darker hues mixed in them. Most of the cones are covered with white beads that almost resemble a slight glaze over the strain, giving it a look that helps set it apart from other strains.

As far as additional colors or hairs present in the strain, you will typically see some light browns and even orange colors mixed into the nuggets, but they are usually very subtle.

The Effects Of Sensi Star

The people who use this strain of marijuana find that it takes a little while for the full effects to hit you. However, it is noted that when the high does hit the user it is very potent. For the most part, the users of this strain can expect the resulting high to last anywhere from two to three hours, with some variability given to potential mixtures that are popular when you buy Sensi Star.

When it has had a chance to affect the user’s system, they usually find that they are more upbeat and focused. Also, there is a high level of euphoria attached to this strain that can be very conducive to deep thought and meditation, making it perfect for various medical uses.

Medical Purposes

Since this strain of marijuana is known for being potent, euphoria-inducing, and producing an upbeat mentality, it is valued among medical marijuana users. It is most often used to treat stress in people who suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Buy Sensi Star marijuana and use it to help treat nausea, in medical practices, patients who are extremely ill or are ill as a result of another treatment will benefit greatly from this strain. While it is a good strain to use for focusing, it is still also used to treat mild forms of insomnia and sleep disorders.

Smell And Taste

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Sensi Star marijuana is its smell. Many of the individuals who use or grow this particular strain note that it has very powerful wood and spicy scents to it. Also, this strain has a distinct earthy smell to it and is noteworthy for not having a very sweet smell to it. However, this does make Sensi Star a favorite for mixing with other strains that can combine complex flavors and smells.

The taste of Sensi Star is described as being virtually absent, with the majority of the taste coming from the THC content. Again, this lends to it being a popular strain to combine with others to get beyond the spicy, earthy properties. Buy Sensi Star Marijuana online from Cannabis Avenue the leading cannabis dispensary where you can buy marijuana online in Europe, Uk, France Australia, the USA, and Canada.

Growing Sensi Star

Sensi Star is a strain that is known for producing rather high volumes of leaves on every crop. For the most part, it should be grown indoors so that it can be temperature and light-controlled because it is a strong grower and negative effects can pile up quickly outdoors. It has a flowering period that lasts anywhere from seven to nine weeks. At the end of the growing period, you will have plants of moderate height that are rather productive.

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