Tangie Nug Run Shatter (THC: 60%-80%)


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Buy Tangie Nug Run Shatter Online From Cannabis Avenue. Tangie Nug Run Shatter is an orange, citrus, sweet Sativa great for depression, stress, and fatigue. Shatter is known in the concentrate world as having a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type of extract. Being 5 times more potent than regular Flower, Shatter is produced by using a multi-stage extraction process that makes it one of the most potent concentrates. With a THC content, normally between 60%-80% some forms of Shatter can even reach up to a 90% THC content level. Such a THC content can exist by skillfully purging the solvent and cannabis solution, by employing the use of a vacuum. Its translucent appearance is usually in the yellow or orange hue. This concentrate got its name from how pure it is in form. The fatty lipids from the concentrate have been removed, causing it to break up like shards of glass. If it’s in its purest form it will just SHATTER.

A shatter is a great form of immediate relief for all your medical needs. Shatter is used as an immediate relief for insomnia and pain patients. Unlike edibles, Shatter is fast acting so if you need to fall asleep more quickly or your pain is too unbearable to wait until the edible kicks in, then Shatter is the medicine you should use. Shatter, unlike flowers, is inhaled by using a Dab Kit. (See link below for Description on Dabbing) Shatter can also be used with a wax pen or mixed with flowers.

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